winx club
Character Bloom

Red-haired Bloom thinks that she is an ordinary teenage girl. Later on she finds out that she has magic powers. In the beginning of the story she has to learn how to use her talents and magic powers. She also discovers her true origins. Bloom is a very caring girl. She is a bit of the peacekeeper of the Winx Club. Actually, Bloom comes from the planet Domino. She is a princess, who has an older sister Daphne. Her real parents are Queen Miriam and King Oritel. When Bloom was a baby, her planet was attacked by witches who wanted the magical Dragon's Flame. During the battle, Domino is destroyed. To keep the Dragon's Flame from falling into the witches' hands, Daphne sends her baby sister to Earth. On Earth, Bloom is adopted by a fireman - Mike. Bloom's earthly mother is Vanessa, a florist. As Bloom grows up, she remains unaware of her fairy roots. Girls from the Winx Club: BloomAs a teenager Bloom meets Stella encouraged her to attend the Alfea School for Fairies, at which she herself is a student. At Alfea, Bloom and Stella share a room and this is where they meet up with their other roommates: Flora, Musa and Tecna. Soon, the five girls become friends. When one day the girls have a confrontation with the Trix witches (Icy, Darcy and Stormy) and manage to fight the witches off, they decide to call themselves the Winx Club. The Trix keep attacking the Winx Club. Bloom and her friends find out that the reason behind the attacks is that the Trix want to obtain the powers of the Dragon's Flame. Thus, Bloom gets to know the story of her own origin and the history of her homeplanet Domino. Bloom is the most powerful member of the Winx Club. When she transforms, she spins into a ball of flame that explodes into a white flash. She flies into the sky and draws a heartshaped figure with her fire powers.