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Stella is the Fairy of the Sun and the Moon. She has long blond hair. She is a year older than the other Winx Club members, because she was held back a grade as she accidentally blew up the school laboratory. Stella cares a lot about her friends. She is very fashionable. Stella is not always performing well in school, because she prefers shopping over her homework. Stella's fairy power attacks seem to mostly come from the sun and the moon. At her home planet Solaria, Stella is a princess. She is sent to Alfea School for Fairies to become a more powerful fairy. Still, she really isn't all that interested in increasing her powers. When Stella transforms, she strikes a pose as green flashes spring from behind her. Her attacks are based on the heat and light of the sun. Stella can throw blasts of light energy and can make balls of heat. She can also use light to make herself glow in the dark.